A new user group is starting in Oklahoma City and it is one I find
completely fascinating… a Javascript group! With the monumental surge in popularity of Javascript over the past year or so, this type of group is a can’t miss.

Who should attend you might ask? All of us in the tech field because it is pretty much everywhere now. Even a database douche bag like myself is attending because I have finally accepted that Javascript is inescapable. Javascript is all over the web, going to be all over the desktop with Windows 8, appearing in the mobile markets, and starting to take over the back end with rad technologies like NodeJS.

I’m a complete noob with Javascript and I feel completely comfortable coming to this group because with as fast as this technology is moving, we’re all noobs and need to learn from each other. This group will not waste your time because

Learning is cumulative.

As a speed freak, my primary interest lies in NodeJS, but I know for a fact that I will learn something to help me with Node from Vance talking about BDD testing with a testing framework called Jasmine. That is just how it works. He gives, I take, and down the road I give back. Even if you don’t know or care a thing about Javascript, it can be a good networking opportunity with some of the people in our community that have a true passion for tech and are trying to push tech boundaries. If that doesn’t interest you, you can lurk in the back and watch me ask stupid questions as I try and get the info to the highly firewall’ed learning center that is my brain… or just show up for a free lunch. You have options.

If you don’t go or don’t plan to go…no worries. I’ll still love you (as a friend), but in our very fluid industry, dropping an hour a month of your time on something like this is an incredibly way to not go stagnant.

The first meeting is January 24th from 11:30-12:30 at the OKC CoCo. Come say hi and most importantly…. help me learn this stuff!

For more information, hit up http://okcjs.com/