I have tried ASP.NET MVC a couple times and after a couple hours seem to always roll back to webforms because it is “easier” or a time constraint or any number of excuses. However, last night I decided to change all that and really give MVC a fair chance. The more I tinker around in Ruby and iphone development the more I buy into the validity of the MVC approach. Here is a bit of the technology roadmap I want to drive down:

T4 - I hear about it, time to see what the fuss is about. Besides, David Ebbo is the man.

Elmah will be a proof of concept before I roll into Exceptioneer.

S3 - I have already started playing around with this and love it. It will likely be serving the images and public files.

Routing - a vanity name like implementation for users will be my head first dive into routing.

Model - As a DBA, the data layer and ADO are my bread and butter. But it is time to step forward and see what the fuss is about. I will likely be trying out EF and Subsonic.

Charting - I’m a stat nerd, so I will be capturing stats, I hope to be able to throw some of them into the charting control.

NoSQL - I’m not sure how to work it in yet, but at some point, I am planning on having a SimpleDB/RavenDB/MongoDB section just to explore and have knowledge outside of a half dozen tech articles.

Lastly, it is time to branch away from Web services and start playing around with WCF. This will really come into play for the iphone app being done in MonoTouch which really is an exciting piece of work.

Once we are done with ASP.NET MVC, I plan to move to Ruby 3 and try and to build the same apps in that. Should be a great compare and contrast.

So that is it for now, time to see if I can stick to it and see this through… or give up and step back into web forms.