Ok, well I’m not leaving SQL Server professionally (or financially!) but another relational database platform has clearly captured my heart. That platform is Postgres! Through a combination of relentless potshots at MySQL and emotional bribes where I feign interest in Rails, I was able to trick Rob Conery and the Tekpub team into not only moving Tekpub to Postgres but also let me record a Postgres series with them. In this series, we share the data love on a platform that is open, fast and incredibly flexible. The ease at which Postgres addresses many of the day to day issues I deal with as a SQL Server DBA is mouthwatering to say the least. Luckily for you, it isn’t just about me or DBAs which is why the head App Dev(il) himself Rob C came along for the ride! He is quick to ask questions and to put in his tidbits and raise issues that would relate to you, the developer. That’s right friends, it isn’t just a series that shakes the hand of Postgres, we walk up and give it a big sloppy kiss. So check it out and have fun watching “The Robs” bring you a double felony of database knowledge.

Hello Postgres

Show notes and scripts will be put up on GitHub when I get back in town.