One of the great benefits to having a jailbroken iPhone is the SSH feature. One of the great security risks of having a jailbroken iPhone is the SSH feature and the fact that the phone has the same global password for all iPhones. Luckily, there is a quick fix for this.

In Cydia, go to the “Search” section and find the app called MobileTerminal. Install it, then launch it.
From there, type in su root and hit return. This changes us to the root user so we can access/change the password for it. It will then prompt you to type in that global root password of alpine . Once you are root, just type passwd then hit return. From there, you will need to enter, then re-enter your password and the change should take place. Simply type in exit to leave the root account and get back to the standard prompt.

Another Notch: Changing the Mobile User
You should also consider doing the same thing for your Mobile user as it uses a global password of “alpine” as well
You start the MobileTerminal app as the Mobile user, so to change the password for it simply type *passwd Then type alpine when it prompts, then fill out the stuff for the new password and start sleeping better at night knowing that you have just put up a basic security fence for your sweet sweet jailbroken phone. For more information, check out these handy posts: